New: 3D cell vision system

Allows you to create a 3D image of living cells by simply placing them on the device without having to subject them to any special treatment first.
Manufacturer verve visual solution inc.
Product code 150034

The device’s holographic technology uses a rotational scanner with a low-power laser beam that does not harm cells to measure refractive index changes to an accuracy of 0.001 and records both the inside and outside of the cells as a 3D image.
The size and volume of the cells can be measured from the 3D digital data.
The results are obtained as imaged since each part can be color-coded while you are looking at the 3D image.
The time-lapse function makes it possible for you to observe and record the growth and division of cells.


The 3D cell vision system leverages holographic technology in 3D imaging.
The device uses a rotational scanner with a low-power laser beam that does not harm living cells to detect refractive index differences to an accuracy of 0.001 and creates a 3D image of each complex intracellular organelle.

Main specifications
Scope  XY: 80 µm × 80 µm
Depth  Z: 30 µm
Resolution  ΔXY: 200 nm; ΔZ: 500 nm
Capture frame rate  0.5 fps (when automatic adjustment function is used)
Range of stage movement  XY: ±10 mm each; Z: 10 mm
Ambient temperature  15–40ºC
Size/weight  380 mm × 455 mm × 170 mm (W×H×D); approx. 8 kg
Power supply  100–240 VAC; 50–60 Hz; 0.9–0.45 A

※*Specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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