Elplasia Multi-Pore Vessels for the Culturing of Spheroid Cells

Simply place the vessel in a 6-well plate and carefully seed the cells. After they have been covered and cultured for 1 to 3 days, cover the bottom of the vessel in the retrieval solution prepared in another vessel.
Manufacturer Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Product code 150033

These vessels are designed to allow cell spheroids of the same size to be cultured with a high density and in bulk.
Simply place the vessels in a 6-well plate and carefully seed the cells. Approximately 600 spheroids can be prepared in each well.
The key feature of these vessels is that they allow you to retrieve cells without subjecting them to stress.
These multi-pore (MP) vessels have approximately 600 pores in their base. A single droplet is formed in each pore, where the cells spontaneously aggregate.
When the cells are collected, the bottom of the vessel is first covered in a retrieval solution that has been prepared in another vessel.