Multichannel aspirator: YS-MASP-01

The YS-MASP-01 is an 8-channel aspirator for 96-well plates that is compatible with standard yellow pipette tips. A dedicated stand (YS-MASP-01-ST) is also available (option).
Manufacturer CORESCOPE Inc.
Product code 150010

Do you ever find yourself thinking: "I work from morning until late at night on cell culturing, reagent preparation, gene extraction, and fluorescence labeling—there is never enough time in the day"?

The YS-MASP-01 is an 8-channel aspirator that is compatible with 96-well plates (aspiration only).
It has been developed to allow researchers to aspirate solutions from multiple wells quickly at the same time.

Product features

1. 8-channel simultaneous aspiration (compatible with 96-well plates) → Can be used in a variety of situations in the field of biochemistry.
2. Compatible with standard yellow pipette tips (200 µL; Gilson and Eppendorf).
3. Similar operability/weight to a micropipette → Used tips can be ejected with a single push of the thumb.
4. Can be sterilized (autoclave: 121ºC; dry-heat sterilization: 190ºC).

Product specifications

Size: Total length of approx. 160 mm
Weight: Approx. 200 g
Materials: SUS304, aluminum alloy, and fluorocarbon rubber
Compatible tube diameter: Inside diameter of 3 to 9 mm (a dedicated tube joint is provided)
Dedicated stand: YS-MASP-01-ST (option)

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