Three-dimensional biomaterial fine cutter

Three-dimensional biomaterial fine cutter
Manufacturer Shibata System Service Co., Ltd.
Product code 150018

This device enables the user to perform three-dimensional fine cutting of patient-derived tissue for clinical use in regenerative medicine.
In regenerative medicine, a considerable amount of finely cut tissue of particular sizes is required for use as the starting materials of the organs to be regenerated. Such tissue is seeded into scaffolds and cultivated in the patient body to allow the defective tissue to regenerate.
The cutter is manually operated, but the user can use it to slice tissue into cubes of three different sizes—100 µm, 150 µm, and 200 µm for each side—by replacing the feed unit as required. This revolutionary new product also features a special blade that allows anyone to easily create precious living tissue slices in the operating room with no waste.
Clinical experiments are currently being conducted to assess the viability of using this cutter in the regeneration of mainly cartilage tissue, and the results have been favorable. Going forward, the cutter is expected to be used in the regeneration of soft tissue, such as skin tissue.

This device consists of two parts: one is used to make cuts along the x-axis and the other is used to make cuts along the y- and z-axes.
First, the tissue is fixed in place on the stage and the height of the stage is adjusted to match the cutting width, which provides the dimensions for each side of the cube.
The user slides the lever to the right and left to cut the entire range of the tissue along the x-axis. The stage is then moved to the y–z axis cutter, where the tissue is cut in the same way.
Once a layer of tissue has been completely cut, saline water is used to rinse the cut tissue in the tray. Any tissue that has adhered to the blade is removed. The user then checks the digital display for the x-axis cutter to adjust the height of the stage so that the next layer can be cut in the same way.
The above steps are repeated until no cartilage tissue remains on the stage, enabling the cut tissue to be collected with no waste.
The blade is intended for single use in clinical studies, but it has been designed to withstand autoclave sterilization and it can be used repeatedly in the pilot study stage.
The cutter is compatible with EOG gas sterilization.